I‘ve tried to write this About Me page so many times but it’s more difficult than I was expecting. Nothing really seems to say who or what I am right now.

So for now I’m going to tell you what I’ve done until now.


I’m an Aussie. Born in Melbourne, but from my teens I grew up in Ballarat, a country town about an hour from Melbourne. I spent a year in Norway when I was 17, possibly one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had. Following that I studied Business and Marketing at University back in Melbourne, but worked for most of the time I was studying.

My time in Norway opened my eyes to the world so in 2004 I saw an opportunity to move to the UK. I spent the first year or so in Milton Keynes then made the move to London where I’ve remained. Since moving here I’ve worked mostly with charities and creative agencies, most recently running my own digital fundraising agency.

In amongst that I was a musician for a bit, spending 3-4 days a week in a studio doing session work for various musicians and doing live gigs. I married my love, who is a Brit. We had a little boy in 2013 and have lost several before and after which has certainly taught me a lot.

In September 2018 I made the decision to close down the agency I’d been building for 12 years. Not through failure or anything bad but because it was time.

So now I’m working out what’s next. I expect it will take a little time to wind down so I spend my time with my family, riding my newly purchased mountain bike, racing sports cars and playing music again.

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