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About Me

I’m an Aussie. Born in Melbourne, but from my teens I grew up in the country town of Ballarat, about an hour from Melbourne. When I was 17 I moved to Norway for a year which was possibly one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had. After I moved back to Australia and completed High School I moved back down to Melbourne to study Business and Marketing.

My time in Norway certainly opened my eyes to the world and in 2004 I saw an opportunity to move to the UK. I moved straight to the home of concrete cows and roundabouts, Milton Keynes, and settled into British life. It wasn’t long before I got drawn in by the bright lights of London and I’ve remained here since.

Since moving to the UK I’ve worked mostly with charities and creative agencies, and most recently I ran my own digital fundraising agency – Copper. I also spent some time before starting Copper as a musician spending 3-4 days a week in a studio doing session work for various musicians and doing live gigs.

I met my love at a singers showcase, somewhat serendipitously, in Milton Keynes as she also lived in London. A few years later, following a proposal on a hill overlooking the ocean in Australia, we got married in Central London. We have a little boy Sebastian who was born in 2013 and have lost a few angels before and after him. The experience of losing, loving and nurturing children has probably taught me the most about myself and people around me, including my wife.

In September 2018 I made the decision to close down the agency I’d been building for 12 years. Not through failure or anything untoward but just because it was time.

So now I’m working out what’s next.

I expect it will take a little time to properly wind down so in the meantime I’ll be spending my time with my family, riding my newly purchased mountain bike, racing sports cars and hopefully playing some music again.

My blog is about how I manage the 1,440 minutes I’m blessed with each day.

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