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How to properly celebrate turning 5 – And Top 5th Birthday Ideas

Having a namesake that’s one of the fastest drivers in the world helps when deciding on what to do for your 5th birthday.

We’d thrown around a couple of ideas when planning Sebastian’s 5th birthday but we kept coming back to kart racing. So to see what we were getting ourselves in for we took a recce out to Rye House Kart Raceway before the big day.

The noise hit us as we got out of the car, and a little grin crept along the boy’s face. We watched some of the older kids racing on the main track before checking out the junior track. Hearing the noise and seeing the speed the karts flew around the track was enough to convince the boy that this was the best way to celebrate.

I’d been keeping a close eye on the weather for the last week so not surprised that waking up on race day it was wet. Really wet. So wet, the fastest speed on the wipers wasn’t clearing the rain. Our booking details made it clear that this was an outdoor sport and the drivers might get wet so with a reminder to the other parents to bring a change of clothes we headed out to the track.

One by one the boys turned up and increasingly they got more excited more boisterous and the noise increased. The call came for briefing and they headed down stairs to get geared up and almost like magic they all went quiet. It might have been a little to do with wearing a full face helmet which muffled the noise. Or it might have been that they were just getting into the zone.

While we’d been inside the rain had stopped and so the walk over to the track was dry, as was briefing and thankfully the whole time the boys were racing. After the race marshals set down the rules they were off and racing.

One of the upsides of the morning’s rain was that there were now puddles on the track to aim for!

The boys had great fun but the most memorable bit for me was not what happened on the racetrack but the camaraderie amongst a group of great mates. They raced in groups and when one group was out on the track the other boys stood on the sideline with their race kit and helmets on. Each time a car drove past the viewing area they’d give them a cheer and some encouragement. Very cute.

After the racing the boys all went back to the main building to spray each other with non-alcoholic grape juice and eat cake.

All in all a great day and a great intro into motor car racing for our little Sebastian. I’ve since been asked to google and print out pictures of all sorts of race cars. Catie, from Catie’s Amazing Machines on BBC, has also helped feed the passion. We now thankfully have an alternative to watching Maddie’s ‘Do you know?‘ reruns.

Apparently a Formula 1000 race car is now on the Christmas list!

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