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My journey of a thousand miles

It’s well known that the hardest part of doing something new is actually starting. One of the problems I have with this, being a perfectionist, is that perfection takes time, something which I don’t have much of. So this is my attempt at just getting on with it.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stepLao Tzu

Hopefully it’s obvious what ‘it’ is, if not, I started a blog. Yep! Crazy. So it’s taken me about 6 months to get this far and isn’t actually my first attempt, but this one will be different I’m sure. My previous blogs have been mostly work related with a short term blog about my wedding and getting married and also the process of having my boy. This one, I think, will be a bit broader. It’s as a much about trying to share things that others will find helpful or relate-able as it is somewhere I can document things that I find helpful. And occasionally unhelpful. Like my growing obsession with watches and my keen interest in wine.

I had the first spark of the idea for this blog about 6 months ago when I started looking at meditation. Meditation is something that I hear mentioned quite a bit as an effective way to manage an overly busy life and overactive brain. I had downloaded an app(Headspace) to help with meditation and it suggested putting aside 5 minutes a day to meditate. 5 minutes! Who on earth has 5 minutes spare a day? This then made me think. There are actually 1,440 minutes in a day, which is actually 288 block of 5 minutes. Obviously some are reserved for sleeping and other stuff but surely I could find 5 minutes somewhere.

So the thought was then to think what do I do with my 1440 and how could I make them more efficient and planned? Are there the name was born. I then had to find a domain name being the obvious one but it was already registered. Conveniently it was about to expire. Most of the time domain names are renewed but I thought it was worth the punt bidding for it when/if it became available. And I got it!

If I keep going I suspect this will take me even longer to post so there it is. Done. My first blog post about My1440.

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