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Making memories stick

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was to collect thoughts and ideas that would be useful in my quest to better manage the 1,440 minutes in my day. My theory being that by processing, writing and storing these thoughts there is a higher chance that some of them might stick. Sounds reasonable.

Something that I’ve noticed over the last few years is my memory recall has declined. So often when I read something and think, yeah I should really do that, by the time I’ve finished reading I’ve mostly forgotten what it was. I’m generally aware of this and in my work there are things that I do to help this, such as taking notes and using a range of tools to make them searchable. But in every day life when I’m not sitting in front of a computer that’s a little harder. It’s not quite at goldfish level, but according to my wife sometimes it’s not far off.

I could probably put this down to age, after all I’m not getting any younger. I’m also aware that there are a broad range of factors that can affect memory and recall – diet, alcohol, physical health, stress.

So if I want to better manage my brain and my thoughts I almost need to think like a professional athlete training for an event. In the same way they manage their diet, I can manage the things that have an impact on my brain.


I’ve already made some changes, albeit minor. Reducing the amount of sugar I consume was one of those. I didn’t tend to eat loads of sugary foods but occasionally a chocolate bar or can of coke would like into my Tesco lunch meal deal.


I was never much of a drinker but as I age my inability to consume more than a couple glasses of wine has also meant that I drink a bit less. The added bonus of this is that drinking as I’m drinking less I can drink better wine. Santé.

Physical Health

This is a slightly trickier one given the collection of herniated discs I’m collecting in my lower spine but I’ve been experimenting with Yoga lately.


Stress is next on the list.

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