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No Ragrets – taking a decompression stop

Yesterday I attended the first birthday celebrations for Cherubs, the parenting magazine I write for, and there were a lot of bloggers. Someone asked me if I was a blogger and I wasn’t sure how to answer. I have a blog, I do some blogging but I wouldn’t really say I’m a blogger.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to help me put into words why I’d made the decision to take a mid-life-break. I wanted the blog to be a reminder of my decision and help me articulate what I did, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

It was also to provide insurance against 2 years on thinking why on earth did I jump off what appeared to be the fast train to ‘success’.

I’m sometimes challenged by the name of my blog because I feel like it should be about making the most of the 1,440 minutes in my day. I should be getting up early, nailing my early morning fitness regime, eating a nutritious healthy natural breakfast while planning every minute and then heading out to take on the day and #smash my goals. #killingit #winningatlife

But that’s not what I feel like. And that’s fine. Because now is not that time. And that’s not really me anyway.

It feels more like I’m in a state of decompression. Like when a diver has to take a pause while ascending to the surface.

Decompression is a necessary state divers go through, where they stop while ascending to allow time for gas to move out of their tissues and back to their lungs. Similarly this time out is something that I need. To keep healthy, and like divers, stay alive.

I’m expectant that there will be another period of ‘ascension’ once I’ve decompressed.

The blog title, for me, is about being aware that there are 1,440 minutes in a day and firstly, to be thankful for them but secondly, to be reminded that they’re precious. If I don’t manage them correctly throughout all of life’s phases then I won’t get the most out of them collectively. And I may even have fewer of them in my life as a result.

Coming up to 12 months since I made the decision someone asked me yesterday if I still think I made the right decision to drop everything and choose life. And I can quite confidently say ‘Yes’.

I have no regrets that it was the right decision at the time. I still have no idea what’s next but I’m getting closer.

I think.


*For those concerned about my spelling of ‘ragret’ –

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