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Coming to grips with changing seasons

The older I get the more obvious it becomes that life goes through seasons. Some short, some long, some overlap and some you only realise it was a season when you reflect many years later.

My current change of season is a certainly a more obvious one. Although I don’t think it was obvious when I made the decision. Or perhaps I hadn’t realised that it was a changing season. However, knowing it was time for a change is helping me come to grips with my decision.

After deciding to wind Copper down I’ve had more than a few panicked moments thinking ‘What on earth have I done?’. What helps is knowing that it was the end of a season and the time was right.

Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.Unknown

For more than one reason it was the right time. I’d taken Copper as far as I wanted to on my own, not as far as I could, but the return on my effort was diminishing. I’d tried bringing others on board to help this but they hadn’t worked out. I know what my limitations were and I was seeing them more frequently. Sometimes it wasn’t even the limitations but losing the things that made me happy.

There was a lot that was comfortable about what I was doing and this helped balance the challenges. One of the main drivers of my decision was when one of these comfortable aspects became more difficult than it had been and this is what put the whole situation into perspective.

It’s tough running a business and particularly an agency, really tough. I’m not only responsible for my own future but the future of my staff. And in some cases my clients’. They put a lot of trust in us to do our job well. Just last month things got too much for another agency owner I knew and he’s sadly no longer with us. And there have been more that I was aware of over the last few years.

When I’ve made big decisions in the past I’ve usually known what’s coming next. With this decision I’ve got no idea what season is next. And that’s scary. But I have to trust that something will work out. One of my biggest fears at the moment is that I’ll regret this decision 12 months down the track.

I just need to keep reminding myself that it was the end of the season. And a new one is coming. Spring always follows Winter.

Interestingly, I started working full time at 20, for this change I’m on the cusp of 40. I wonder season 60 will bring?

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